About TBS

Founded in Switzerland in 2003, TBS quickly established itself as the market leader in Europe and beyond; managing a reseller network of over 100 security companies worldwide. Having equipped thousands of installations across the Globe, TBS with its extensive experience and a broad reference base in Biometrics has field proven solutions for FingerPrint capturing and processing terminals.

Product Range

The TBS biometric portfolio is truly made from one cohesive piece: homogeneous look and feel, perfectly integrated software and seamless partner interfaces:

A biometric device should always be geared to an application. Their comprehensive product portfolio offers unparalleled choice based on any kind of specific requirements for biometric access control.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Fingerprint + PIN + Card Terminals
  • Harsh Environment Fingerprint + PIN + Card Terminals
  • 3D Touchless Fingerprint + PIN + Card Terminals
  • IRIS + PIN + Card Terminals

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