Tattile has developed and produced Vision Systems, for a diversified range of applications, for over 20 years. Catering to different verticals, Tattile is specialized in programming and developing ANPR solutions for ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) applications

Product Range

Based out of Italy, Tattile offers a range of smart cameras created specifically for Tolling, Speed enforcement, Red light enforcement, Traffic tracking, Access control, and Tunnel safety

  • ANPR Cameras: The Vega Smart line is the new ANPR camera built over a very performing base allowing a high scalability, for high-end, multi vehicle per second applications.With embedded license plate recognition, image analysis software, high resolution sensors, low power consumption and a web server on-board, the Vega Smart camera allows performing innovative applications and functions such as recognition of:
    • Vehicle brand
    • Vehicle class
    • Vehicle color
    • Vehicle model
  • TATTILE developed OCR engines capable to recognize license plates on more than 150 countries including GCC, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda

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