Checkpoints are controlled Entry points, typically at a border, where security checks are carried out on passengers. With change in Security scenario across the Globe, there is a need for effective Checkpoint Security Systems that can detect the increased threat and mitigate the associated risks proactively.

Intechnics specializes in Checkpoint Security solution by having delivered Integrated Checkpoint Security Suites for notable Government Institutions and Critical Installations in MEA region.

Our Comprehensive Solutions for Checkpoints include a unified array of vehicle screening devices and forced vehicle entry prevention coupled with state-of-the-art Surveillance and Driver Identification systems.



With the ambit of electronic security increasing day by day, there are a lot of challenges in operating disparate security systems separately. The solution to this lies in a seamlessly integrated Command and Control solution.

As an experienced provider of Security Systems to an array of notable Clients across Government and Private sector, INTECHNICS excels at providing connected solutions that integrates security, building management system and information systems on a common platform thus providing the Security Team a Unified Situational Awareness Picture.



With the advent of big parking areas and multi-level parking lots, there is a rising need for an effective Parking Management and Guidance System. INTECHNICS understands this requirement very well and has a proven experience of providing complex and technically advanced Parking Management Systems for our esteemed Clients.

Our solutions include systems with automated Parking Fee generation and collection along with integrated Parking Guidance to guide drivers to vacant spots and also to display real time parking vacancies. A further value add-on is our integrated Automatic Number Plate Recognition for vehicle identification, automated tariff calculation and vehicle movement control.



Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a proven solution for providing real-time inventory, supply chain, asset management and workforce visibility, all with little or no human intervention. The real-time visibility improves operations, stripping time and errors out of everyday processes from inventory, shipping and receiving logistics to intelligent asset management.

INTECHINCS provides an advanced RFID based system for people counting and asset tracking. The affordable and constantly updated system turns into big business benefits. Fewer errors, increased automation and a more efficient labor pool, reduced costs and optimizes business processes, allowing you to serve more customers , increases sales and profitability.



We at INTECHNICS believe that modern Video Surveillance is not about watching CCTV cameras in isolation. And with an extensive experience in providing enterprise class IP based Surveillance system, we ensure that our video surveillance solutions become a cohesive part of the Electronic Security Ecosystem.

Further with extensive experience across various sectors we ensure the right selection of CCTV hardware providing the best image and clarity to the end users in the most demanding conditions. Add to it our intelligent and rational use of video analysis algorithms that will provide the most responsive and efficient surveillance solution for various requirements of any scale or size.



In line with Multi-Layer Security Doctrine there is a need for an effective Perimeter Security Solution that not only deters but also detects and denies adversary entry into a facility. A responsive and accurate Perimeter Intrusion Detection System is central to such a dependable Security Solution.

INTECHNICS offers unique features and detection capabilities to reliably protect the highest security sites and perform in harsh climatic extremes. Our field-proven sensor technologies and security management tools provide precise, immediate detection of perimeter disturbances for security-sensitive applications and harsh exterior environments.



Modern enterprises need access control mechanisms with robust hardware and a headend solution that is scalable, reliable and able to formulate complex access rules like mantraps, two-Factor authentication, hardware correlation possible and doable without any bugs or reduction in performance.

INTECHNICS with its extensive experience in the field of Access Control makes it possible to control any sort of access scenario including high security logical access rules.

Our highly secure access control and management systems include reliable hardware with latest technology in Biometric Terminals, secure Card Readers and Best-in-Class Access Controllers thus providing a robust and field proven system.


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